Timeliness and quality assurance

For many clients, the timeframe for a translation to be completed is a key factor in the choice of a translation agency. Lingvo Plus can perform the translation process from start to finish in the shortest possible timeframe. The due date for a translation is based on the number of words that it contains. The optimal translation rate is 40,000-60,000 words per day. However, if you need a translation done in a shorter time frame, we can meet your needs through our priority translations service. In some cases this will mean an increase in the cost of translation.

In order to maintain prompt communication and effective teamwork between managers and translators, which is one of the factors affecting the timeliness of orders, our translation agency has developed its own translation project management system. This system enables us to quickly determine the most suitable translators and editors for the project, to allocate the order to them and to monitor their progress.

Our main goal is to provide high quality translations. To ensure that we keep to our high standards, we have selected the best translators, who have higher linguistic education and who specialize in the specific area of expertise. All of our translators have extensive experience in translating in their field. After the translation is completed, an editor is on hand to proofread it. Depending on the subject of the text, we use technical and literary editors. This obligatory two-tier system of control allows us to perform written translations which are consistently of a high quality. At the request of our clients, we also do free test translations, which allow the client to check the level of our translators, and allow us to demonstrate how accurate, dependable and efficient our translating services truly are.

We demand the same high standards from our interpreters as we do from our translators. The success of business negotiations, conferences or product presentations can depend on the interpreters ability to work in tandem with the client, and his or her ability to quickly adapt to the changing situation. When a client wishes to make an order for an interpreter, we give him or her the opportunity to look through our interpreter profiles, which contain information about their education and work experience.

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